Hôtel rochefort 2 étoiles
 Rochefort Town of art and history

Corderie Royale (majestic)
National Navy Museum.
The old school of naval medecine (interesting)
Naval yard of Hermione and the transporter bridge

Pierre Loti Museum (exotic)
Market 3 time a week and the Halles
The Charente area and the marina
Station of "lagunage" and the bird sanctuary to discover (on foot or by bicycle)

Somes ideas

Carrelet Rochefort1- Flying over the big naval dockyard of Rochefort until the island of Aix by helicopter. Passing over the fortresses, Fouras, the boat harbour and the Madame Island.

2- Navigating the canal of Charente-Seudre by boat or canoe/kayak.

3- Bicycle routes trough unusual places, passing by transporter bridge, the estuary of Rochefort to Madame Island, the large drying nets and the fortresses.

Carrelet Rochefort4- In the downtown, visits to beautiful homes, with their façades and balconies. Also visits to the homes of famous men (Loti, De Traversay, Lesson…).

5- Strolling by night in the streets and visiting monuments of Rochefort accompanied by guide and a musician.

Sites régionaux

Tourist information : The pictures of this page are from the Tourist information center.


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